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School of Nuclear Material Characterization Studies (SNMCS)

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Mission: To promote research and development in nuclear material characterization with regards to nuclear material accounting and control, education and training in effective implementation of safeguards and nuclear forensics.

      mark Nuclear material characterization
      mark Non-destructive assay methods for nuclear materials
      mark Nuclear material control and accounting practices
      mark Training in nuclear safeguards
      mark Nuclear forensics


   Major Programme of SNMCS

      In the changing global scenario, there is a huge expansion in the Nuclear Material Accounting and Control (NMA&C) activities. For the effective implementation of NMA&C, India needs to disseminate this subject extensively and impart training among the occupational workers of civilian nuclear installations. The major objectives of the SNMCS would include:

SNMCS1 mark 1. To create a versatile secured data management system for NMA&C. This will include:
      (i) Receipt and shipment of nuclear material
      (ii) Processing of experimental data
      (iii) Record and reporting system
      (iv) Physical inventory taking (PIT)
      (v) Closing material balancing
      (vi) Physical inventory verification
      This data management system would be able to provide a clear picture of nuclear materials inventory, their location, and form at any point of time, with a high degree of confidence.

mark 2. To establish an advanced infrastructure and demonstration Facility for human resource development in the practices of NMA &C. The Facility would generate expertise in the fields of
      a) Practices of NMA&C and safeguards
      b) Non-Destructive Analytical techniques especially gamma spectrometry, neutron counting systems and calorimetry
      c) Isotopic assay by gamma- and mass- spectrometry techniques
      d) Low background counting and ultra trace level measurement techniques
      e) Wet chemistry analysis using electro analytical and spectroscopic methods for the precise and accurate determination of nuclear materials

mark 3. To promote the R&D activities for evolving new methodologies to detect and ascertain the causes for unaccounted losses of nuclear materials on a timely basis

mark 4. To establish teaching and training facility for the effective implementation of safeguards including nuclear material accounting & control and its practices at national as well as international level

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