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      GCNEP shall host the following five specialized schools:
            1. School of Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies (SANESS)
            2. School of Nuclear Security Studies (SNSS)
            3. School on Radiological Safety Studies (SRSS)
            4. School of Nuclear Material Characterization Studies (SNMCS)
            5. School for Studies on Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technologies (SARRT)

   School of Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies (SANESS)

Mission: To pursue design studies and analysis of advanced nuclear energy systems with features to enhance intrinsic safety, security, proliferation resistance and sustainability.

      mark Reactor systems and applications
      mark Fuel cycle studies including thorium fuel cycle
      mark Accelerator Driven Systems
      mark Risk studies
      mark Emergency planning and management studies
      mark Sustainability parameter assessment
      mark Global database

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   School of Nuclear Security Studies (SNSS)

Mission: To impart training to security agencies on application of physical protection system and response procedure, to enhance physical security of nuclear facilities by developing and deploying most modern technological tools including information security and to provide facilities for test and evaluation of sensors and systems used for physical security.

      mark Formal education and training
      mark Development of technology tools for physical security
      mark Personnel reliability studies
      mark Vulnerability studies
      mark Physical Protection System analysis and evaluation tools
      mark Nuclear security computer simulation
      mark Systems for personnel and material access control & intrusion detection
      mark Surveillance, video analytics and advanced video tools
      mark Explosives and other contraband detection

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   School on Radiological Safety Studies (SRSS)

Mission: To carry out research in the field of radiological safety, radiation dosimetry, environmental radiation protection, impact of nuclear and radiological emergencies, radiological impact assessment studies, to impart training and certification of personnel including First Responders in radiation protection and to maintain and update radiation protection standards.

      mark To identify and focus on radiological issues of concern in the public domain
      mark Development of state of the art radiation monitoring systems
      mark Dispersion modeling and impact assessment of radioactivity releases
      mark Decision support systems for nuclear emergency management
      mark Training for the first responders on response to radiological emergencies
      mark Study on the impact of nuclear and radiological emergencies

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   School of Nuclear Material Characterization Studies (SNMCS)

Mission: To promote research and development in nuclear material characterization with regards to nuclear material accounting and control, education and training in effective implementation of safeguards and nuclear forensics.

      mark Nuclear material characterization
      mark Non-destructive assay methods for nuclear materials
      mark Nuclear material control and accounting practices
      mark Training in nuclear safeguards
      mark Nuclear forensics

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    School for Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology (SARRT)

Mission: To provide state of the art research, development, demonstration and training facilities for utilizing and promoting applications of radio-isotopes and radiation technologies at national and international level for societal benefits. Health care, Industry, Environment and Agriculture are the major thrust areas where Radiation Technology and Radio Isotopes could be employed for betterment of standard of living of people.

      mark Radioisotopes and radiation technologies for societal benefits,
      capacity building, skill development and commercial deployment
      mark Radiation processing for improving food security, ensuring food
      safety and overcoming quarantine barriers to international trade
      mark Microbial decontamination of herbal and nutraceutical products
      and sterilization of healthcare and medical products
      mark Isotope technology in industrial radiography and tomography
      mark Waste water treatment for reducing bio and chemical burden
      mark Chemical / polymer technology of advanced materials using
      polymerization and depolymerization properties of radiation
      mark Radiation medicine/ radiopharmaceuticals

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