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School on Radiological Safety Studies


To carry out research in the field of radiological safety, radiation dosimetry, environmental radiation protection, impact of nuclear and radiological emergencies, radiological impact assessment studies, to impart training and certification of personnel including First Responders in radiation protection and to maintain and update radiation protection standards.


  • To identify and focus on radiological issues of concern in the public domain
  • Dispersion modeling and impact assessment of radioactivity releases
  • Decision support systems for nuclear emergency management
  • Training for the first responders on response to radiological emergencies
  • Study on the impact of nuclear and radiological emergencies

Major Programme of SRSS

To identify and focus on Radiological issues of concern in the public domain by:

  • Carrying out R&D to develop Radiation Detection Systems and Dosimetry.
  • Carrying out development in drone based aerial radiation monitoring systems and methodology.
  • Carrying out Impact Assessment of Radioactivity Releases (integrated with GIS support) for normal and accident conditions.
  • Setting up Laboratories to map radioactivity and radiation levels across the country.
  • Reviewing and updating Radiation Risk Perception, Intervention Levels, Dose Limits.
  • Ensuring Security and Safety of Radioactive / Special Nuclear Material (SNM).
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response and Post-Event Management.
  • Medical Management of Radiation Emergencies.
  • Training programmes on Radiological Safety for Emergency Response Teams / First Responders / Quick Response Teams, National Level stockholders and Public Awareness programmes.
  • Setting up Virtual Reality based training programme for radiation emergency management
  • Decision making during nuclear/radiological emergencies.