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School of Nuclear Security Studies


To impart training to Security Agencies & Response Forces on Physical Protection System and Security threats being posed by available and Emerging Technologies, their response procedure and mechanism. The School aims at enhancing Physical Security and Information Security of Nuclear Facilities by developing and deploying most modern technological tools through R&D, test & evaluation and demonstration.


  • Physical Protection System analysis and evaluation tools
  • Nuclear security computer simulation, VR & AR based Demonstration for Nuclear Security
  • Systems for personnel and material access control & intrusion detection
  • Development on physical security, Information Security & Emerging Technologies
  • Surveillance, video analytics and advanced video tools
  • Personnel reliability studies
  • Vulnerability studies
  • Explosives and other contraband detection
  • Formal education & Training to Security and Response Force on above technologies

Objectives & Goals

Nuclear Security is an important pillar for a sustainable nuclear energy program worldwide. The School of Nuclear Security Studies (SNSS) would provide a world class research and development, test and evaluation, information security, training and exercise facility for different areas of nuclear security to national and international audience. Further, in this age of rapid technological developments, constant research and development is the most important requirement to keep abreast with the latest in the field. The school will aim at R & D in following areas:

  • Sensors and systems for security applications.
  • Systems for personnel and material access control, intrusion detection.
  • Personnel reliability studies.
  • Surveillance and video analytics and advanced video tools.
  • Explosives and other contraband detection.
  • Radiation Detection Equipment.
  • Vulnerability studies.
  • Nuclear security computer simulation.
  • Secure transportation.
  • Safeguard systems like seals, tags, containment and surveillance.
  • Material accounting and control.
  • Seismic and other monitoring.
  • Regulatory studies.
  • Information Security.
  • Emerging Technology.

Test and Evaluation: Various systems and sensors used for nuclear security applications will be tested for their performance and effectiveness in evaluation test bed with real time scenario. SNSS3Test and evaluation will be carried out for sensors, delay barriers, vehicle access control barriers, explosives and other contraband detection systems etc.

Information Security: Computer security methodologies will be developed for protection of information related to entire nuclear fuel cycle activities including that of nuclear security.

Training and Exercise: Training will be imparted to security force and guard force personnel on application of physical protection systems, Information Security and Emerging Technologies, development of response procedure etc. In addition various table top and near real time, simulated and field exercises involving response force personnel will be carried out.

Laboratory and Training Facilities

Laboratories for meeting the Objectives and Goals will be established besides following Test facilities:

  • Sensor Evaluation Test Bed: Different types of exterior intrusion sensors inline with latest technological development, their interface with monitoring and command stations will be evaluated and tested for their performance using assessment tools, devices etc

  • Hypothetical Nuclear Facility: A scaled down version of a typical nuclear power plant will be developed with all elements of physical protection implemented in the facility. Besides training of personnel, it will be used for the purpose of performance test of response forces for certification, testing of systems and sensors etc.

  • Barrier Technology Test Site and Vehicle Access Control test Site: This facility will facilitate testing of various access delay barrier technologies in different configuration. It will also house a test site for testing various different activated barriers for vehicle access control like road blocker, tyre killer active bollards etc.