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School for Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology


To provide state of the art research, development, demonstration and training facilities for utilizing and promoting applications of radio-isotopes and radiation technologies at national and international level for societal benefits. Health care, Industry, Environment and Agriculture are the major thrust areas where Radiation Technology and Radio Isotopes could be employed for betterment of standard of living of people.


  • Radioisotopes and radiation technologies for societal benefits, capacity building, skill development and commercial deployment
  • Radiation processing for improving food security, ensuring food safety and overcoming quarantine barriers to international trade
  • Microbial decontamination of herbal and nutraceutical products and sterilization of healthcare and medical products
  • Sealed source applications for industrial radiography and tomography
  • Waste water and sewage sludge treatment for reducing bio and chemical burden
  • Radiation based technology for polymerization, polymer degradation, polymer modification and improving polymer properties.
  • Isotope application for trouble shooting and process optimization in industry.
  • Radiation medicine / radiopharmaceuticals


SARRT is engaged in research, development and utilization of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in the areas of industry, environment and healthcare, for societal benefits. The school facilitates utilization of radioisotopes & radiation technology for sterilization of medical products, food preservation, and development of high yielding crop seeds, waste water treatment, dry sewage sludge hygienisation, polymer technologie, cancer treatment, disease diagnosis & therapy, gamma scanning for industrial radiography and tomography, tracer techniques and other similar areas. Capacity building and skill development through training would facilitate percolation and commercial deployment of various applications.

Major Programmes

SARRT main objectives are to use Radioisotopes and Radiation Technologies for societal benefits, capacity building, skill development and commercial deployment in the area of Industry, Environment and Healthcare through the following departments to realize its long term Goals:

  1. Radiation Technology Application Group
    Dry Sludge Hygienisation
    Radiation technology based high-stress sensing peizoresistor
    It would focus on development & deployment of technologies related to waste water treatment, development of polymer composites for sensing and shielding, polymer synthesis and modification for healthcare applications, , dry sewage sludge hygienisation, and improvement of polymers for industrial purposes using high energy gamma and EB processes.

  2. Radiation Technology for Food & Agriculture
    Mutant of Groundnut and Mustard
    Control and Radiation Treated Onion
    The aim would be to demonstrate applications in the area of food security, safety, and overcoming quarantine barriers to international trade by using radiation hygienisation of spices and herbal products, insect disinfestation of cereals & legumes, sprout inhibition of onion & potato, shelf life extension of meat & sea foods and phytosanitary treatment of fruit. In the area of agriculture, use of radiation technology to produce the beneficial mutants of various agricultural products like oil seeds, pulses, rice and jute with high yield, disease resistant, early maturity and having other improved quality parameters will be demonstrated. DAE has already released 42 high yielding varieties of oil and pulses seeds.

  3. Isotope Technology Application
    Radioactive particle tracking technique for flow visualization
    Tomographic Imaging Capability
    The isotope technology applications would mainly focus on use and demonstration of various applications of radiation and radioisotopes for industrial diagnostic radiology employing gamma radiometry, gamma and X-ray based radiography and tomography imaging as well as use of radiotracers for process-related troubleshooting and optimization. Radiotracer and gamma shield sources as diagnostic tools in production plants and process optimization. Training programmes and demonstration in field of radiation based industrial imaging, radiotracer applications, industrial tomography and upcoming new radioisotope technologies would be aimed at strengthening the knowledge-base of interested groups and institutions both for commercial and societal benefits.

  4. Radiation and Isotopes in healthcare
    Isotopic Teletherapy Machine: Bhabhatron
    Imaging and therapy
    Radiation Technology and radiopharmaceuticals find several applications in diagnostic and treatment of various diseases. Cancer diagnostic and treatment using radiopharmaceuticals provide an effective way to deal with this dreaded disease. These are also widely used for imaging the organs and understand the various dynamics associates with the disease. The school would provide basic knowledge about the subject, training in preparation of dosage, safety and interpretation of results.