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Programs in 2024

Sr No. Organization
Name of Training Course / Symposium / Workshop Course Director / Coordinator Dates Venue Miscellaneous
1. GCNEP (SARRT) IAEA Workshop on soil-water management practices to reduce agro-contaminants and improve water quality Dr. Y. K. Bhardwaj, BARC
Dr. S.T. Mehetre, BARC

18th - 22nd March 2024 GCNEP, Bahadurgarh

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2. GCNEP (SNSS) IAEA International Training Course on the Security of Non-Nuclear Radioactive Material in Transport Shri V. K. Sinha, GCNEP
Dr. S. K. Sharma, BARC
22nd - 26th April 2024 GCNEP, Bahadurgarh

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